New Shelter

new youth shelter concept for sunrise house

A New Youth Shelter

As the current facility is at capacity with no room for growth or land space for renovation, the goal is to build a new shelter to better serve the growing needs of the youth.

Floorplan  Renderings

A new facility would include:

  • Double door entrance to ensure security of staff and clients
  • Ten bedrooms with two beds and 4 bedrooms with one bed (the single bedrooms could be utilized by either male, female, or transgender without segregating them to a separate floor & 2 bedrooms will be barrier free)
  • Two intake offices that are secure and soundproof to be utilized for both intake as Sunrise House as individual meetings with clients
  • Open floor common space that includes kitchen, dining, and living room
  • One programming room that could also be utilized as meeting space
  • One quiet / multisensory room
  • Prayer / Spiritual Room
  • Eight staff offices
  • Additional laundry & storage areas
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Ten bachelor apartments to be utilized for transitional and supported housing for youth