Purchase a Toque

Purchase a Toque To Help End Youth Homelessness

Sunrise House is committed to putting a “Cap on Youth Homelessness” in our City and Region. Show your support by purchasing a super classy toque so everyone can see that you support the many efforts of ending homelessness in Grande Prairie, Alberta, and Canada! 

What is Raising the Roof?



We want to “Put a Cap on Youth Homelessness!”

The Raising the Roof Campaign is a national initiative of collaborating partner agencies working towards long-term solutions to ending homelessness. We believe that together we can make a difference, one toque at a time!

Sunrise House has toques, mittens, ball caps, and masks for purchase. 50% of proceeds from the Toque Campaign benefit grassroots community Partner Agencies helping homeless people in cities and towns across Canada – in this case Sunrise House. The remaining 50% of net proceeds supports Raising the Roof’s national homeless initiatives, e.g. Child & Family Homelessness and Youthworks.

“The only thing more Canadian than a toque is the generosity of our people who understand that homelessness is unacceptable, and a problem that can be solved.”

– Stephen Gaetz, President, Raising The Roof Board

How to Purchase a Toque:

Visit: Toque Campaign – Raising the Roof | Preventing Homelessness

Sunrise House no longer provides direct sales of the Raising the Roof toques however we do receive annual grants to support our programs that are a direct result of national sales! Grants received:

2022: $3,500

2023: $5,000