Meet Nikita

I am a daughter, a caring big sister and an admired role model.

I am a child of the North, with dreams as robust and wide as the Yukon sky.

I am beautiful, starting from the inside out.

I am an admirer of integrity & I value open mindedness.

I am a lover of children, friendships & penguins

I am an intuitive visionary that holds an incredible insight into life.

I am wise beyond my years, rising above circumstance to create a better tomorrow.

I am the architect of my life turning stumbling blocks into my stepping stones.

I am a believer of happiness starting from within and that self-esteem is one’s greatest treasure.

I am down-to-earth, tenacious & mature, finding ways to create roots even while growing in turbulent soil.

I am a great humanitarian & an eco-junkie, a guardian of our mother earth and her people.

I am a challenger of the status quo, staying true to myself and always doing what’s right.

I am determined & responsible, finding my way through challenges but never compromising my sincerity.

I am the definition of inner strength, striving to make each day better than the last.

I am a mighty voice of the future not a faint echo of the past.

I am Nikita.