Meet Kevin

I am a friend, a teenager and a son.

I am funny and easy to get along with, I bring happiness to those I encounter.

I am a food lover, a wonderful cook, an innovative creator of artful marriages of ingredients.

I am a great conversationalist, talkative, eloquent & insightful. I often bring a different perspective, a new way of looking at the ordinary.

I am a homeless teenager and a reminder that sometimes it’s the poorest coat that hides the richest heart.

I am home to a big heart. Caring & compassionate, sensitive & empathetic I easily see with the eyes of another.

I am an embracer of my labels.

I am spontaneous, ingenious & resilient and have a sparkling personality thanks to my ADHD.

I am quirky, focused, fascinating & meticulous thanks to my OCD.

I am an original. Filled with brilliance & passion.

I am dynamic & energetic, knowing it takes chaos to give birth to a shining star.

I am a believer that anything is possible and that I can overcome. I fall, I rise. I make mistakes, I learn.

I am passionately curious & creative. I breathe life into the mundane.

I am a great comedian, inspiring laughter & lightheartedness, I am a healer with my humor.

I am filled with potential. I am that last spark of energy that blossoms into a firework filled sky.

I am resourceful & independent, a believer that the impossible is often only the untried.

I am a turner of can’s into can’t and dreams into plans.

I am the epitome personal strength, knowing that a river cuts through rock not by force but by persistence.

I am Kevin.